Kids these days..

There have been a few things weighing on my mind recently.  It seems that kids these days are getting lazier and lazier.  Perhaps lazy isn’t the correct word for it;  Perhaps a better word woud be disconnected.  Gone are the days when kids would just go outside and play.  Passed is the time where people […]

Scary Stuff – Getting ready to buy another home

I’ve finally got everything in place to start house shopping again.  I’ve got to admit, it’s a little intimidating.  While I feel like I shouldn’t have any issues, it’s always a little scary going in to apply for a mortgage, signing a billion papers, putting offers on houses, etc. Either way, this is the beginning […]

Quick Update

I got my wheels and tires mounted and balanced today.  I’m really happy with the slight stretch on the tires, and how they look.  They are also only about 1cm smaller in outer diameter than the existing tires so my speed’o will register a little higher than actual speed, but I’m fine with that.  I […]