It Begins Again!

Soooo I’ve picked up another 240.  This will be my third.  A 1989 Nissan 240sx Coupe, two-tone blue/gray.  According to the previous seller, it’s got a new motor and tans.  It’s difficult to verify that of course, but it does run quite well.  The previous owner dropped the ka24de in, and then it sat for 2 years.  I fear there’s probably a bunch of gunk in the injectors after that, but oh well.. I’ll deal with it.

We (Jonny, Laura, and I), went and picked it up last night.  I had to go during the day and get a new wheel for it as it essentially had 4 flat tires.  two of which couldn’t hold air at all.  I got one new tire, and with the donut on, we drove it home.  On the way home we discovered that it was pretty much out of gas, and the steering column wasn’t really bolted in at all.  There was also quite a shake in the drive-line somewhere.  I believe that it either isn’t tightened down properly, or they put it back on improperly.  I’ll get it figured out.  It also wouldn’t idle quite right, the flip-ups didn’t go up, and the blinkers didn’t work.

Today we (Laura and I), got the passenger seat bolted in (as it was completely unbolted), got the blinkers working, got the steering column bolted back up, and discovered a fuel leak due to a missing hose clamp (probably the cause of the crappy idle, but maybe not).  We also spent a few minutes, and scraped off the ‘for sale’ crap from the front and rear windows.

I will say that I’m pretty impressed how decent the interior is.  The dash is thrashed, but the seats aren’t bad (compared to other 240′s this age), the carpet is pretty good, console is decent, and everything is electric and works (I’d prefer manual and no sunroof, but it is what it is).