Here Are 14 Details About Disney Parks That Most People Don’t Know


1. There are 14 rides that operate to this day since the grand opening of the Magic Kingdom.
2. Trash cans are strategically placed around the park so that you are never more than 30 ft from one.
3. Inconspicuous Mickey Mouse heads are hiding in plain sight all over Disney World and its resorts.
4. A secret, exclusive suite is concealed in Cinderella’s Castle, available only as a promotional giveaway.
5. The Magic Kingdom staff have access to hidden tunnels all over the park.
6. Disney World doesn’t sell gum. It prevents unpleasant surprises on rides and tables – and in hair.
7. The “Tree of Life” in the Animal Kingdom was previously an oil rig.
8. The brown path in Liberty Village is representative of sewage flow during the Colonial Era.
9. “Smellitizers” can be found all over Disney World, which emit scents that correspond with the surroundings.
10. The aquarium in “The Seas” is so vast that the “Spaceship Earth” sphere fits comfortably inside of it.
11. The seemingly unkempt, withering garden in front of “The Haunted Mansion” is intentional.
12. Up until a few years ago, the “Toy Story” characters would drop to the ground when someone yelled, “Andy’s coming!”
13. In “Tomorrowland,” you can see the palm trees fold in at dusk and then unfold at dawn.
14. A basketball court is secretly tucked away inside the “Matterhorn” ride for staff members.

Can’t go wrong with random Disney facts!