13 Disturbing Behind The Scenes Secrets From Disney World

Source: http://www.answers.com/article/1281842/employee-secrets-disney-world-probably-doesnt-want-you-to-know?paramt=21&param4=fb-us-de-entertainment-hppv&param1=stories&param2=50957721&param5=10152398798266186&param6=6023555942049

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1. A character can NEVER take off their mask.
Even if they become so nauseous in their costume that they need to throw up, they’ve gotta do it right there inside of their masks.  Under no circumstances can they remove their mask in front of the guests.  If they do need to leave, they will cover one eyes with their hand and raise the other arm in the air to alert maintenance that they aren’t feeling well.

2. Characters will be fired if they’re seen with the same character.
You’ll never see two Snow Whites, two Mickeys, two of anything!  One former character performer opened the curtain to the same character she was switching out with once.  Without even knowing if any guests saw her, she ran back into the costume room and was nearly sick.

3. Cast members are not allowed to tell anyone which character they play.
According to a former employee, cast members who play characters can say “I’m friends with ____” or “I hang out with this certain character” but you can never say who you actually play.  No pictures of yourself in costume are allowed on social media or you will definitely be fired!

4. Someone died and their family got free passes.
Really! One former cast member said that he once worked a register in Tomorrowland at Disney World.  A man had a heart attack and died in the store. His family was “behind the scenes” in the employee areas obviously heartbroken.  Guests are never allowed behind the scenes but Disney made an exception to give this family their privacy.  The family also got free lifetime passes.  Guests are never allowed behind the scenes but Disney made an exception to give this family their privacy.  The family also got free lifetime passes.

5. They don’t take shoplifting lightly.
One visitor to Disney went to Magic Kingdom for a high school band trip.  One of his friends stole a few keychains from one of the stores.  A few minutes later, while walking through a crowded area, someone stepped on the back of someone’s shoe so he had to stop and adjust it.  At this time, when his friends stopped, two security officers came to the group, asked the shoplifter to quietly come with them to a “Cast Members Only” door.  He was charged with shoplifting, had to pay a fine, and had to do community service.

6. Announcements over the speakers are rare – but important.
Breaking the magic is not something Disney likes to do, but when it’s important, they will.  There’s a park-wide sound system that will stop the music and make an announcement looking for a specific person.  One former cast member made an announcement looking for someone who was waiting on an organ donation – an organ became available and that person had to get to the Orlando hospital right away.  Pretty cool!

7. Disney gives out a lot of free money.
Complain to the right cast member about the right issue and you’re almost guaranteed to get some money back.  Disney has a huge budget built in for this exact purpose.  They like to keep their guests happy!

8. Disney keeps notes on their guests.
That’s right – if you’re mean to a cast member, it’s going on your permanent record.  If you have a magic band (you get them for staying at a Disney resort and can be used on food and at stores), the cast member at the computer will be warned if you’ve been out of line with another cast member.  All Disney resorts use the same system, so watch yourself!

9. Disney will reward the nice ones.
On the other hand, if you’re nice to cast members, they’ll often go out of their way to make your experience a little more magical.  One cast member at a Disney resort said she often sent up chocolates or other treats, or even extra fast passes to sweet guests.

10. Cast members have three days to learn their lines.
On many rides, such as The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios, cast members have monologues that must be given correctly to the last letter and inflection.  Cast members are given three days to learn the entire monologue (and how to run the ride!) before going live. Those three days are spent in a room with a trainer going over the script until they get it right – one word wrong?  Start over! Disney wants perfection.

11. The cast members are lovers and fighters.
Just like any workplace, there is drama between the employees.  The princesses have fought over girls who have stolen their boyfriends, cast members have hooked up in the Mousketeeria (employee cafeteria), and Mickey has flipped the bird at another cast member in the underground tunnels.  Not all sugar and spice here.

12. Stay inside your safari vehicle. Seriously.
More than one cast member has confirmed this to be true: if you’re on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride at Disney World, you need to stay in your seat.  At one point, the ride goes over a bridge with crocodiles underneath.  The cast member driving the truck is told that if anyone stands up and falls into the crocodile pit that the truck must be driven away quickly and immediately so that other guests won’t see what happens to the person who’s fallen.  The crocodiles are fed from that bridge and will eat anything that falls from it.  STAY SEATED.

13. “Have a Disney day!”
If a cast member ever tells you to “Have a Disney day,” you shouldn’t be excited.  It’s the cast members’ code for “Go screw yourself.”