Tonight’s Ride

I haven’t ridden in about 2 weeks.  Between work and helping buddies, and church stuff, I just haven’t had time.  Either way, I had a good time.  It’s been too long!

Tonight’s stats:
Distance: 17.78km
Elevation Gain: 142m
Average Speed: 20.32km/h
Time: 52:28
Top Speed: 34.2km/h
Time: 10-11pm
Temperature: 82 F

Tonight was interesting.  After the first 2 miles or so I just felt dead!  I was panting and I didn’t think I could go on.  I don’t know what was up.  I stopped for a couple minutes, had some gatoraid and water, and rode a bit slower.  After a little bit I was able to ride again, then I felt my energy coming back, and I was able to go on.  I guess I was just a bit dehydrated.