Updates and Scope of Work

Alright, so I’ve recently purchase a TON of parts to get this car ready to work for me a as a daily.  Here is the scope of work (SOW) for the next big run of parts.

  1. Install new bolt on drive shaft
  2. Drive to Jonny’s
  3. Pull drive shaft and install new carrier bearing
  4. Install missing tranny bolts
  5. Install new tranny mount
  6. Install trunk mount battery box
  7. Replace leaky fuel line
  8. Drive to exhaust shop and have them build me a custom exhaust
  9. Mount and balance wheels/tires

I think this will be a Friday/Saturday project.  If I drop the car off early Saturday morning at the exhaust shop, they should be done with it by Saturday afternoon.

The next big SOW will probably be the following day, or weekend, and will include:

  1. Pull off old wheels/tires
  2. Pull off shocks/springs
  3. Pull off RUCAs/Tie Rods/Torsion Rods/TC Rods
  4. Install new RUCAs/Tie Rods/Torsion Rods/TC Rods
  5. Install new coilovers
  6. Install new wheels
  7. Check fitment
  8. Adjust height/roll fenders/etc

I think once I complete all of this stuff, the car will make a GREAT daily.  I’ll still have to do some little things like new tint (as I’ve almost got all the old stuff removed), new seats, new steering wheel, new carpet, switch panel, and new stereo system (this is a daily, deal with it).  Once I finish that stuff, it should be good to go for a while until I KA-T it.