First Bike Ride!

So I’m getting ready for a bike trip to Japan in a couple years (I know it’s a while a way, but I’m the type that likes to prepare quite a ways in advance).

A couple of days ago I picked up a brand new Trek 520 (a great and pretty standard touring bike from what I’ve heard) and I love it!  It’s suuuuuch a beautiful bike and it’s so much nicer than any other bike I’ve ever ridden.  Please keep in mind that the last time I rode a bike was 17+ years ago as a means of transportation before I had my drivers license.

The ‘real’ bikers suggest keeping a biking journal or log so I figured they know better than I, so why not?

Tonight I went for a little ride around the block and ended up doing about 7 miles.  It was relatively flat terrain and the weather was great (75 degrees with a cool breeze).