Tank Update (20g long sump, other assorted stuff)

Today R&R got back from cali and picked up my stand and my 20g long that I’ll be using for my sump.  I’m waiting on a friend to drop off my stand, but while I’m doing that, I figured I’d show you the progress that was made tonight.

I got some grid cut for the bottom of my display tank and got that in.  I’m doing that because I prefer the idea of the weight of the pointy edges of the rock being distributed over a wider area than a sharp edge.  I also got the return portion of my sump setup (1/4″ arylic cut, bubble trap made, you’ll see it in the pics).  My girlfriend got the light put together, and I threw the powerheads and return fans into the display tank as well.  I got the return pump, as well as the two pumps for my reactors unboxed and ready, in the return area.  I got my timers setup and ready (one for the ‘fuge light, and one for the display light).

If you guys haven’t yet, you NEED to go check out Reptiles-n-Reefs (R&R) down off of stephanie and sunset in Henderson.  The folks there area amazing!