Tank Update (holes drilled, back painted, skimmer box cut)

So tonight, I.. well I did the above.  I decided to pick up a 3rd 3/4″ slip/slip bulkhead for a drain.  I SHOULD have just used 1 1/4″ drains, but I didn’t do the calculations initially.. You live and you learn.  Either way I got all 3 drain holes drilled tonight, and I cut the back off of my skimmer overflow box so it could fit over the bulkheads.  I also got the back of the tank masked and painted black.  I think it’s starting to look pretty good!  I had to modify the skimmer box a liiiittle bit more than I wanted to, but either way, it’ll work and I’m pleased with it. Either way, check out the sexy goodness!  Next week my stand should come in, and when it does, I’ll be able to get that assembled, and get the ‘fuge built/installed, and get water in the tank!  I’m so psyched!