Setup and Configure IRRd 2.3.6 on Fedora 13

IRRd 2.3.6 on Fedora 13 Install Fedora 13 fresh, and use a “minimal/minimum install” Once Fedora has installed, log in as root, and configure and turn up the network interface Install the fastest mirror plugin for yum, gcc, flex, make, byacc, and wget, mlocate, telnet, bison, xinetd, mailx, jwhois, and man, then update everything. yum […]

Configure Fedora 13 Networking

Fedora 13 – Configure Static IP vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 Where eth0 is the interface on which you want to configure the IP. Change “onboot” and add the two following lines so it looks like this ONBOOT=yesIPADDR= Then we need to setup your “default gateway” vi /etc/sysconfig/network add the following GATEWAY= and finally we’ll configure the […]

Installing IOS Image via Xmodem

If you’ve gotten to the point where this needs to be done, chances are the IOS image on your current switch/router is completely jacked up and you’re sitting at either the “rommon:” prompt or the “switch:” prompt. The following instructions will be operating under that assumption. First, connect with the standard cisco serial connection info […]