Tonight’s Ride

Welllll tonight was my longest ride yet.  Again it sucked for about the first 2-3 miles, but then things started to get easier.  I think I always end up climbing for the first few miles.. it’s just where my condo is located. Tonight’s stats: Distance: 21.35km Elevation Gain: 221m Average Speed: 19.2km/h Time: 1:06:52 Top […]

Tonight’s Ride

I haven’t ridden in about 2 weeks.  Between work and helping buddies, and church stuff, I just haven’t had time.  Either way, I had a good time.  It’s been too long! Tonight’s stats: Distance: 17.78km Elevation Gain: 142m Average Speed: 20.32km/h Time: 52:28 Top Speed: 34.2km/h Time: 10-11pm Temperature: 82 F Tonight was interesting.  After […]

Follow Up On Last Ride

One thing I didn’t expect from biking was a good ab workout.  The last couple times I’ve gotten off my bike I’ve really felt it in my abs the day after.  Unexpected, but awesome! Also my butt hearts.. haha the muscle in front of my sits bones feels bruised, but that’s probably normal.  I just […]

Tonight’s Ride

Continuing to catalog my biking, I did 9.5 miles (give or take) tonight.  I rode from my place out to Pitman wash, then east to Santiago, then back.  It was a really nice ride!  The first portion of the ride I was snickering to myself saying “psh, this riding stuff is a piece of cake!”. […]

First Bike Ride!

So I’m getting ready for a bike trip to Japan in a couple years (I know it’s a while a way, but I’m the type that likes to prepare quite a ways in advance). A couple of days ago I picked up a brand new Trek 520 (a great and pretty standard touring bike from […]