Useful D&D Links

Here is a collection of my useful D&D links. Donjon tools Mithril and Mages treasure Generator Turn quick reference guide Fantasy Name Generator Arcane Book Titles John’s D&D Utilities (City Info Generator) Kobold Fight Club encounter calculator D&D Beyond – Lots of useful stuff like spell, class, race, […]

Super Useful Linux Find Commands

The linux ‘find’ command is INCREDIBLY powerful. Here are some options/flags that I have found particularly useful. Obviously you can sift through the man page for find to figure everything out. I just wanted to list some here that I use often. These will search for files with the name “filename.*”. The difference is ‘iname’ […]

All the investing advice you’ll ever need?

Source: Your behavior as an investor will have a larger impact on your retirement lifestyle than the performance of your investments. 1. Max your 401(k) or equivalent employee contribution. This is a good piece of general advice — once you’ve first paid off any high-interest consumer debt and accumulated an appropriate cash reserve. For workers […]

13 Disturbing Behind The Scenes Secrets From Disney World

Source: I just wanted to be able to read this all on one page instead of 30 pages with ads. 1. A character can NEVER take off their mask. Even if they become so nauseous in their costume that they need to throw up, they’ve gotta do it right there inside of their masks.  Under […]