RLP Project Car (1985 Corolla GT-S) (Before)
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1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S Coupe

alright boys and girls, the other day i was lucky enough to run across this car locally for $450 bucks. not a bad deal for one of the most desirable cars in the drifting world today huh?

"$450 dollars?!" you say? well if you take a look at it, i'm pretty sure you can begin to understand why. the body is completley shot to hell, the engine has bad rings on (i'm pretty sure) all of the cylinders, the interior (what's left of it) is trash.. aannnd overall the car is just in crappy condition.

so why'd i buy it? well to fix it up you dolt! just hang around and watch the progress as it happens. i'll let everyone know what i update when.

hachi_01.JPG hachi_02.JPG hachi_03.JPG hachi_04.JPG hachi_05.JPG
hachi_06.JPG hachi_07.JPG hachi_08.JPG hachi_09.JPG hachi_10.JPG
hachi_11.JPG hachi_12.JPG hachi_13.JPG hachi_14.JPG hachi_15.JPG
hachi_16.JPG hachi_18.JPG hachi_20.JPG hachi_21.JPG hachi_24.JPG
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